A Hologram is a tamper evident self adhesive label crafted by laser optics technology.

About Hologram

Why use Hologram?

1. It is difficult to replicate & remove.
2. It has a strong visual appeal & is easy to varify.
3.It has an easy application.
4. It establishes the authencity of product.

Types of Hologram

1. 2D/3D :These effects are created by combing many Two Dimensional(2D) images which creates Three Dimensional (3D) effect with different layers.

2. 2D/3D Kinetic Effect: These effects are created by using 2D/30 Hologram with multiple colors which can be viewed as the angle of the Hologram change.

3. Flip Image: These effects are created by using multiple 2D art work(Design) which can be viewed with the change in angle be it Vertically(llp and Down) or Horizontally(Side to Side).

4. Dot Matrix: These effects are created by exposing the image with a standard resolution varying from 300 to 3000 dpi.(dots per inch).

5. True 2D: These effects are created by mixing RGB(Red Green Blue) and controlling the grayscale which makes the Hologram display object's original color.

6. True 3D: These effects are created by mixing RGB(Red Green Blue), controlling the grayscale and incorporating 3D effect with mufti-channel function to It.


This is a technology by which one can guide the genuine product buyer, from falling into the trap of spurious look- a-like products.