1. Holographic Shrink Sleeves: These are the shrink sleeve with embedded Holographic strip on it. Its application is for neck sealing of bottles. The industries in which it is being used are Pharmaceutical, Mineral Water, Edible Oil, Lubricants, etc.
  2. Hot Stamping Foils: These are the foils which enables the transfer of Holographic impressions on the base material. Document security is taken care by Hot Stamping Foils. These are widely used on certificates of ICICI, IDBI, UTI, etc. Education certificates of I.C.S.E. Board and other Universities are also Hot Stamped.
  3. De-Mat Films: These are the films which are created by Holographic image metalizing on the base film. It is a high security technology which has been adopted by the Reserve Bank of India in their currency mints.
  4. Wide Web Films and Pouches: These Films and Pouches are generally used for Packaging. As Packaging is the need of the hour and if it is Holographic it is considered to be secure. Holographic Films have a wide range of usage. It is used in Cold Lamination, Gift Wrapping and other packaging activities. Whereas, Holographic Pouches are widely used in Tea and Tobacco Industries. These Holographic Pouches are helpful in security and also increases the aesthetic value of the product.
  5. Holographic Tapes: These are generic or customized pattern self adhesive tape with Holographic impression on it. It is widely used in packing and sealing of the product.
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